by Space Boyfriend
for Ultranimbus Presents: ULTRANIMBOY
art by Ian Wexler

Many fixtures in our lives we expect, at a time, to be around forever. When we are children, we attach in so many ways to so many things, that we swim in a sea of sentimental feelings that mean the world to us. But, like a dying star to a spacefaring civilization, we must at some point give up the things that were important and dear to us. We must leave for something new, something better or more convenient. Our clothes no longer fit, so we replace them. Toys wear out, backpacks fall apart, bikes get rusty, friendships and adolescent relationships end. We set our GameBoy aside for a new DS. We are constantly changing and growing, and so are the things we find ourselves connecting with. But nostalgia is born from the memories of the connections we broke, the things we left behind. Sometimes as a nice, wistful thought, other times a desperate attempt to hang onto something that is far gone, we all at some point long for what we once were and the things that were special to us. “A Letter To A Dying Star” is about those emotional connections that are now behind us, and the pain of letting them go for the sake of creating something new and beautiful.
-Benjamin Carignan (Space Boyfriend)

  • 19 February 2013
  • 234