by Slime Girls
Art by Totchii

I always felt like the Gameboy in particular had a ton of games that featured soundtracks that were so emotionally evocative, but maybe didn’t have any business being so touching and awesome. In fact, someone just showed me the title track to the Robocop Gameboy game and it’s a serious sad-town awesome ballad jam. There are so many really great tunes composed for the Gameboy, in particular, “Mabe Village” from Link’s Awakening has always stuck with me as being a really pretty and melancholy song with it’s light lilting melody, along with nearly everything from Kirby 2 which, for being a generally light and fluffy game, has some songs that have some really sad melodies and progressions out of nowhere. In many cases, the Gameboy soundtracks I remember and love most always had songs that upon first entering the level or area it plays in, seemed like just simply a song that queues you to feel like you’re going on a fun adventure, entering a peaceful town or dark and dangerous dungeon or something stereotypical you would expect to hear in a video game But the more you listened to it, or you picked up your adventure the next day on the way to school and heard the song again, it left an entirely different impression on you then the first time you heard it when you were merely trying to capture a Ghastly in Lavender Town, exploring Tal Tal Heights or traversing the unknown depths of planet Zebes. For my entry, I wanted to create something that was maybe easily dismissed as cute, quaint and light on the outside, yet captured that duality of somehow also being extremely wistful.

-Pedro (Slime Girls)

  • 4 February 2013
  • 448